« I had a consultation session with Sven Thiebus. It was highly professional in all aspects. I had two different problems to solve in one hour and the results exceeded my expectations. Sven gave well-aimed insights, introduced a relevant technique and recommended a person from his network.


For me people, ideas and tools have always been the most valuable resources, therefore I greatly appreciate Sven sharing them. Besides, Sven came prepared, he was focused on the topics and made clear points with example-driven explanations.


Next to the profound knowledge I also got some food for thoughts. Sven’s communication, advice, and inspiration lead to trust and motivation to work with him further.


I recommend Sven Thiebus as an expert in Innovation Development. »

Vaida Ališauskaitė 

FinTech Founder 

Recent Graduate from F10 Accelerator and Capacity programs for Startups

« I had a consultation with Sven, and I wanted to understand his path from discovering his talents for creativity and innovation to becoming an entrepreneur. Sven comes across as a very authentic person, and I enjoyed our conversation. He shared with me some valuable insights about launching innovation projects and starting a business. Even coming up with an excellent idea for an innovation, you might hear a lot of 'no's in the beginning. Sometimes it's simply not the right point in time, or you just haven't found the right people to discuss your idea. It shouldn't discourage you, and it still can be a great idea. »

Pierre Wallimann

Business Developer 

Customer Experience & Care

« We gained many new and valuable ideas from working with Sven Thiebus in our product development activities. He uses novel methods for the creation of ideas that have led us towards new markets. Furthermore, we received several product concepts that contribute to our future innovations. We have been working in a professional and relaxed atmosphere and our collaboration has brought me significantly closer to my goals. I would like to recommend working with Sven to everybody who appreciates creative minds with broad expertise in technologies and methods. »

Christoph Küng

Managing Director


« I highly recommend Sven Thiebus as adviser for developing new ideas and concepts. He is very professional, solution-oriented, creative and precise. »

Laura Giachino

Consultant Learning & Development

 and eidg. Marketing Fachfrau

« I have appreciated the long-term cooperation with Sven Thiebus in innovation projects. In particular, I’d like to highlight his innovative spirit and his tireless commitment. Together we founded and successfully established the business networks “Connect and Recommend” and “Connect and Innovate”. He is brilliant in putting ideas into practice and testing and improving new concepts.


I am delighted to recommend a cooperation with Sven Thiebus, as he always provides you valuable solutions. He has not only been covering a wide and deep general and specialist knowledge but is also gifted in giving a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration to the team he is working with. »

Azadeh Eshaghi

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Sr. Terminologist 

Azadeh Eshaghi – Language Consulting

« I highly recommend Sven Thiebus as innovation adviser: he is creative, precise, empathetic, prospective and very professional. »

Nina Müller

Journalist, PR Consultant

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