Why You Should Become More Innovative

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Why should you become more innovative? Well, you might currently be in a job and try to pursue a career path. Or you are a future entrepreneur, considering launching your own business soon. Maybe, you already run a business, and you are thinking about ways to separate yourself from the competition and achieve business growth. 

In those cases, you need many types of innovation to move forward and make a difference in what already exists. If you don't stand out of the masses, the chances are that you will fall short in pursuing a career or in creating a business. It would be best if you had ideas that lead to innovations and create a benefit for the customers, the company, and yourself. Therefore, your innovative capabilities can be your key to success.

«Your innovative capabilities can be your key to success.»

Especially if you hear statements about ideas and innovations, such as "there is no lack of ideas", "think outside of the box", "just be open", "innovation must follow a process" or "method XYZ is the tool of choice", and so on, you should consider changing. In my opinion, these types of statements are not helpful and represent just outdated ways of thinking. Take them as an additional motivation to become more innovative and pursue your own goals.

Our world doesn't lack problems that should be addressed. It needs ideas and innovations that solve or at least mitigate the numerous issues. Whether you are willing and able to recognize these subjects and act upon them, is a question of your perception and thinking. 

A single good thing about all the problems is that they can also represent opportunities for you. You could take on an issue and try to solve it. As mentioned before, there is no lack of difficulties in the world. But are you accepting the challenge and going to take action? Solving a relevant problem and helping other people with your solution is an excellent reason to become innovative. By doing so, you can also create a career or launch a business of your own if you want to. If it matters to you, innovation can lead you to significant financial success.

«Solving a relevant problem and helping other people with your solution is an excellent reason to become innovative.»

Whether you can take these opportunities comes down to your ability to adapt to the topics, play with all the puzzle pieces, create ideas, imagine possible solutions, identify opportunities, seeing possible paths, navigate, interact, and furthermore. The way you think and approach the challenges is critical. Therefore, your mindset is vital. 

You can also consider this playing, juggling, and interacting as a kind of game. Let's call it the innovation game. It's not that far fetched, as some successful entrepreneurs consider business as a game. Would you find the preparation of an athlete as critical to his or her performance in a game? In a sports game, of course, everybody agrees. Every athlete, particularly on a professional level, knows how vital their mindset is. It's what lets them pursue the enormous amount of training and preparation, and lets them perform on a top-level in a game or competition. 

«Your mindset is vital.»

Another aspect is often overlooked: For outstanding innovators, innovation isn't something that happens only in scheduled creative sessions or dedicated projects. For true innovators, it's always on. It's a mindset. 

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