Create a Culture of Innovation Within Your Organisation

Make people enjoy their work and offer great products and services that customers will love paying for.
The innovation lab establishes a culture of innovation within your organisation that creates business growth and leads to higher employee satisfaction. Many companies suffer from a lack of employee engagement with negative impacts on their business. This training empowers the workforce to develop innovative mindsets and behaviours that let them take opportunities and create a purposeful and flourishing business.

The Problem

Disengagement of employees is a serious problem for companies in Western Europe. Only 10% of employees are engaged at work according to a Gallup (2017) report. This lack of engagement has negative impacts on business performance and innovation.

A study by Randstad in 2016 showed that an important thing Swiss employees look for is „prospects“ among the typical requirements that can be summarised as social and financial wellbeing and security.

Furthermore, the Mercer Global Talent Trend Study 2018 brought up „permanent workplace flexibility“, „health and well-being“, and „working with purpose“ as important expectations. 


Only a flourishing and expanding company can provide interesting opportunities and varied work to its employees. To reach this growth, a company has to offer irresistible value to existing and new markets. Therefore, it urgently needs people with innovative mindsets and behaviours who identify business opportunities and create remarkable products and services. 

Who is the innovation lab for

  • Executive and line managers

  • Project and team leaders

  • Employees open to innovation and change



I teach a robust methodology to install a culture and practice that fosters innovation throughout the organisation. 


Duration & Agenda

The innovation lab is available as a one-day or half-day design depending on the number of participants:

  • Mindsets and behaviours of outstanding innovative people

  • Ways to develop mindsets and behaviours for innovation

  • Exercises to adopt and develop mindsets and behaviours for innovation

  • Ways to spread the new insights in your organization

The training ends with a summary and the opportunity to clarify any remaining question.



  • Happy and motivated staff, talent retention

  • Unleashing the creative potential of the staff

  • Synchronizing of goals and mindsets / better teamwork

  • Initiating innovation to create new and expand into other markets

  • Business growth and success


When people successfully bring innovative ideas to the decision-makers within their company it helps that business to remain competitive, link to its marketplace, stimulate its employees, and be seen as a forward-thinking, imaginative, even inspirational, organisation.

Businesses never go forward by standing still. If employees have a great idea, that they know will be of huge benefit to your business, they should never be afraid to talk about it. 

To start improving your odds of success, try out some of the strategies I have talked about in my articles and videos - or book a one day or half day to experience the innovation lab and its benefits. 

So what innovative ideas will your teams suggest implementing, that will improve the bottom line of your organization?

I am here to help. Let's talk how I can support you to create a culture of innovation in your organization.

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