Why I do what I do, and how can it benefit you? 


During my corporate career - and now as an entrepreneur - I have helped many people to innovate and reach business success. One of the main reasons I decided to start my own business has been my strong passion for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. I see my work as the best way to help my clients.

Once we get to meet in person or on the phone, you will realize that innovating means fun and passionate work to me. I am curious about innovative products and services, novel technologies, and new approaches businesses can be run. I like to understand the underlying reasons why things are designed and done as they are. Does a product or service fulfill all the known and hidden needs of customers? Does it create enthusiasm and exceed the customer's expectations? Is it significantly beneficial, profitable, and sustainable?


I have always been a creative and visionary, sometimes critical, and a bit contrarian thinker. My creativity is a blessing as ideas come to my mind almost effortlessly - more than I can try out and will ever be able to realize! The visionary and critical part has allowed me to foresee market and business disruptions at the early stages that seemed to be invisible for so many people at that particular time. On the one hand, these insights can create opportunities for disruptive innovators. On the other hand, they can endanger established players in the markets if they hesitate to take action.  


Our today's modern lives are shaped by technology in numerous ways. Technology has been a significant driver of change in the 20th and 21st centuries. The velocity of change has increased in recent years. This trend seems to continue in the foreseeable future, which makes sense as many technological developments happen o an exponential pace. I have always had some innate understanding of various topics in technology and natural sciences. This ability might be the reason why I am a valuable partner for technology innovation. 


My creative mind likes taking a fresh perspective and creating ideas. 


I enjoy creating new products, or taking the old versions and improving them, putting a methodology in place, designing a new process, and seeing it all working. It makes me happy and has become an essential part of my life. Because it comes so naturally to me, I realized that only a few people read as much or get to understand technical issues as quickly as I do. It made sense to me to offer my services and learn even more from different organizations and industries. 


When the best ideas are brought to life, it can have a massive positive impact. They could mean the difference between death, survival, or having a thriving business. Side implications could be to either having to employ or fire good people. Consider the positive and negative news and views this can generate in public for a company and its leaders.


Needless to say that this has created countless opportunities for myself and the business leaders that worked with me. 

Innovation means change. Change means opportunity.


Change is scary for many people and difficult for companies. But history has shown over and over again that these times hold great opportunities for visionary and courageous innovators. I am convinced that we do live in the most exciting period of humanity. We face both severe challenges and outstanding opportunities. Innovation is a risky and rewarding path.

It takes courage, creativity, and expertise to initiate and drive changes to shape our future. You should not walk this path alone nor depend on mediocre people. Get in touch with me today to discuss your needs and desires and find out how I can help you to reach your goals.

About my work


In brief: I help people to become innovators. People work with me because I guide them through their development from being an entrepreneur, executive, or specialist to a new role as a real innovator. 


This development covers a couple of facets, such as creating a mindset for innovation, as well as gaining a solid knowledge about innovation strategies, methods, tools, and their application in the real world. 


Personal development and acquiring new competencies are precious. People working directly with me also benefit from my creativity, my visionary and inspirational thinking, and the fruitful conversations and discussions. I help them to translate vague ideas into a successful reality they can be proud of. My clients create innovations that lead to flourishing businesses with sustainable growth and profit.


By being a competent partner to bounce ideas off, developing new strategies, products, services, and even technologies, I support them in achieving meaningful changes and results: Entrepreneurs transform their businesses or launch an additional one. Employees consider new career paths or drop out of a company and start a business themselves. 

Why work with me? 


As an inspiring personality with broad expertise in the domains of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, I empower people to launch businesses and to develop remarkable innovations.


My communications and analytical skills, together with an almost innate understanding of many topics in technology and natural sciences, has helped numerous companies to overcome hurdles and complex problems on their way to business success. 


Working with a competent partner who understands your challenges and your goals, creates opportunities, reduces uncertainties or risks, and improves the probability of success of innovations. I represent a partner who is used to deal with complex, technological issues. I can help you translate ideas into actionable strategies that enable your business to compete on a global scale with other leading organizations.

Use your most valuable resources


Become an innovative leader and a role model of an innovator for the people around you. Inspire your colleagues and employees. Implement a culture of innovation in which innovation flourishes and all strive for business success. 


How? By harnessing the human creativity of each individual as well as the power of a mindset for innovation. Through empowerment with innovation capacities and effective collaboration within the organization. 


With the right guidance of an experienced partner, you make use of the best and the most valuable resources: people and time.

«Humans are, by far,
the most significant factor in innovation.»


Who are my clients? 


For almost nine years, I have worked with a wide variety of clients, from single entrepreneurs and startup entrepreneurs to executives and specialists in large stock-listed enterprises. 


Due to the nature of my work, I can't name clients in many cases, as I sign confidentiality agreements (CA) and non-disclosure agreements (NDA). 


My clients belong to different industries, pursue ambitious goals, and face different challenges. What they all have in common is their goal to be a successful innovator. Many of them, but not all, have some interest in or even a passion for technology. They want to achieve a positive impact on our society and the world with their innovations. 


It is a pleasure for me to work with these enthusiastic and innovative people. My variety of experiences as an innovator and my broad range of expertise makes me a valuable partner for them. 

The industries I worked with

  • software 

  • consumer goods 

  • medical and biotechnology

  • electric and electronics

  • engineering

  • chemical

  • solar

  • logistics

  • automotive

  • services



Problems I help solving


Typically my clients face these kinds of challenges, which I help them to deal with 

  • Becoming a real innovator by developing an innovation mindset

  • Developing an authentic culture of innovation in their companies

  • Creating an innovation strategy that enables them to get ahead of the game in our fast-changing world

  • Defining the right approach to foster innovation and select supportive methods and tools

  • Increasing creativity and creating ideas that can make a real difference

  • Overcoming the hurdles and solving the problems on the path from an exciting initial idea to a remarkable innovation


Let's find out how I can help you to become more innovative and reach your goals.

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