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Create a Mindset for Innovation

Would you like to become more innovative and improve your career prospects?

Are you a future entrepreneur who considers launching a novel business?

Are you already an entrepreneur who wants to become more innovative and set their business apart?

This course will be for you!

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Seminars & Meet-ups

I provide regular online seminars and meet-ups for entrepreneurs, founders, and people interested in the topics of innovation and business. Current series of events are:

"Ask Me Anything About Innovation"

"3 Keys to a Mindset for Innovation"

"Create a Mindset for Innovation"



« I had a consultation with Sven, and I wanted to understand his path from discovering his talents for creativity and innovation to becoming an entrepreneur. Sven comes across as a very authentic person, and I enjoyed our conversation. He shared with me some valuable insights about launching innovation projects and starting a business. Even coming up with an excellent idea for an innovation, you might hear a lot of 'no's in the beginning. Sometimes it's simply not the right point in time, or you just haven't found the right people to discuss your idea. It shouldn't discourage you, and it still can be a great idea. »

Pierre Wallimann

Business Developer 

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