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Zalina Wälchli

Entrepreneur | Podcaster

Award Winner: Beauty & Wellness 2020

« Sven is a role model professional in business innovation. I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on a business project and as an accountability partner. It`s  always thought provoking and inspirational. He`s extremely innovative and forward thinking in management development and would be an asset to any business looking to accelerate, scale and innovate.  »



Sven Thiebus

Innovator, entrepreneur, and engineer

I am curious about people, technology, and innovation.

Areas of interest

Innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, machine learning, artificial intelligence, medical technology, biotechnology, solar, electromobility, and networks

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Business Advice

Especially when launching an innovative product or service, or an entirely new business, you have to navigate through uncertainty. Methodologies, tools, and experience are important factors to increase the chances of success.


I can help you define and review your

  • offer for a client

  • value proposition 

  • business model

  • business processes

  • development processes 


Problem Solving

Difficulties with products, services, or processes can be annoying for customers or even cause severe consequences for people and businesses. Systematic approaches can effectively solve problems, mitigate risks, and save time and costs. 

I can help you 

  • analyze the problem

  • define containment actions

  • identify the root-cause

  • develop a solution

  • implement the solution

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Innovation Development

Outstanding innovations are often the result of collaboration and teamwork. A single person can rarely provide the full range of skills and the amount of work it takes to turn a remarkable idea into a market-ready service or product innovation. In particular, jumping with innovations on the "next curve" or creating a "blue ocean" also requires a significant change in skills and mindset. 


I can help you create and evaluate

  • novel ideas

  • product innovations

  • service innovations 

  • business concepts

  • innovation strategies 


Create a Mindset for Innovation

Start: May 2021

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The Innovator Program

Everybody can become an innovator. It is a question of mindset and skills. Innovating means solving a problem or enriching people’s lives by developing and providing valuable solutions. 


This program empowers people who want to positively impact our world's future to develop their skills as an innovator. It covers the entire journey from initial ideas to market-ready innovations. 


As we live in an age of unprecedented opportunities and dynamics, innovators need to be willing to think far beyond the status quo and take real action on their ideas. An affinity to technology and entrepreneurship opens up the possibilities to create something great for humanity. 


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