Innovation is a key driver for future success. Are you ready for the future?

Your business is currently running successfully but your company has not launched any innovative products or services recently. You are interested in technology and innovation, but daily business activities never allow for your ideas to be taken to the next level. After all, the customer always comes first. Sound familiar? With the world changing rapidly, your business may face challenges sooner rather than later. Do you feel prepared for the future?

Let me assist you in bringing ideas to life! As engineer, manager and specialist for innovation management I know the obstacles for innovations in organisations and what is more important to you: I know how to overcome them.


You will benefit from my experience in a broad range of sectors such as medical technologies, software, engineering, solar, automotive, chemical and consumer goods industry, technical services and more. I will support you step-by-step from the first idea to the market-ready product and service innovation.

I have strong analytical and communication skills and  I am familiar with several technologies, tools and methods to ignite the spark of innovation and change.

I am passionate about technological innovation and I believe we are living in the most exciting period ever. Take the first step and get in contact! I am looking forward to contributing to your future success.

Let us innovate together!


„We gained many new and valuable ideas from working with Sven Thiebus in our product development activities. He uses novel methods for the creation of ideas that have led us towards new markets. Furthermore we received several product concepts that contribute to our future innovations. We have been working in a professional and relaxed atmosphere and our collaboration has brought me significantly closer to my goals. I would like to recommend working with Sven to everybody who appreciates creative minds with broad expertise in technologies and methods.“

Christoph Küng, Managing Director,



This innovative software-product enables people to network within their organisations in a unique way. It supports cooperation and allows new ties based on users interests and relevant topics. The user interface visualises the information optimised for touchscreens and allows users to avoid using the keyboard of their devices. Due to its high flexibility this tool has been used in very different types of organisations and sectors. Please find details on the product website.

Idea Generation

This service supports companies that need inspiration to create their future products and services. Companies from very different business domains have gained benefit from this service and related collaborations. The ideas contribute to ongoing innovation activities or trigger new approaches to solve problems. This service addresses several topics from the domains of business and technology in a rapidly changing world of globalisation and digital transformation. Get in touch to receive more information.

Connect and Recommend was founded in 2014 as a network of entrepreneurs, freelancers and business executives. It holds a monthly Get-together in Zurich that is appreciated as an easy way of socialising and sharing experiences regarding entrepreneurship. Participants have gained new contacts and furthermore new business from this increasing network. Get in touch and join the next event. Please find details on the website.

Innovation Methods

Based on experiences in working with a broad range of companies from start-ups to stock market listed enterprises, new innovation methods have been developed. These methods fit to the rapidly changing economy in a world of digital transformation and globalisation. Furthermore they take into account, that many people collaborate over large distances and work in flexible structures distributed all over the planet. For example, these proven methods provide solutions to the challenge of idea creation in distributed teams. Get in touch to learn more about the latest innovation methods.

Connect and Innovate was founded in 2014 as a network for innovative people with new ideas and visions. It holds a small number of events per year on selected subjects in the domain of innovation. Participants appreciate these opportunities to exchange thoughts on innovation and to share their experiences. Furthermore it serves as an interdisciplinary platform for innovation projects. A major subject is the development of innovations in the medical devices sector. Get in touch and join one of the events. Visit the website to discover more.




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