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For many small and medium size enterprises (SME) innovation is simply a question of survival. They have to stay ahead of competitors, often with highly specialised products and services. Any innovation project contains large risks that might become existential for an SME, if a new product or service does not meet the expectations of customers and markets. Social Media provides ... more ...

Opportunities for SMEs with Innovation and Social Media

November 20, 2017 | Sven Thiebus



„We gained many new and valuable ideas from working with Sven Thiebus in our product development activities. He uses novel methods for the creation of ideas that have led us towards new markets. Furthermore, we received several product concepts that contribute to our future innovations. We have been working in a professional and relaxed atmosphere and our collaboration has brought me significantly closer to my goals. I would like to recommend working with Sven to everybody who appreciates creative minds with broad expertise in technologies and methods.“

Christoph Küng, Managing Director


Based on ideas and solutions, I had developed in close collaborations, companies from the technology and finance sector gain daily competitive advantages by networking. For instance, in collaboration with physicians, I develop technical solutions to solve problems in the operation room and the daily treatment of patients.

My knowledge, imagination, and expertise enable me to understand your visions and to support you in finding and pursuing the path from the first idea to the successful innovations. I help you to overcome the challenges of developing technologies and creating business models. I share your expectations to create a global number one business, that inspires customers and is a financial success.

Let us create something new that makes the world a better place!

I am a visionary and I develop innovations that

benefit people.

Sven Thiebus                   Photo: Azadeh Eshaghi Perspectives

Sven Thiebus

Since my childhood, I have had a great passion for the fascinating world of technology and the natural sciences. I worked as engineer and manager with several technology enterprises and research facilities.

Launching my own business has allowed me to work on many interesting subjects of my choice. I founded Thiebus Consulting and I started helping people to turn their visions and ideas into reality.

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