Innovation is a key driver for future success. Are you ready for the future?

Your business is currently running successfully but your company has not launched any innovative products or services recently. You are interested in technology and innovation, but daily business activities never allow for your ideas to be taken to the next level. After all, the customer always comes first. Sound familiar? With the world changing rapidly, your business may face challenges sooner rather than later. Do you feel prepared for the future?

Let me assist you in bringing ideas to life! As engineer, manager and specialist for innovation management I know the obstacles for innovations in organisations and what is more important to you: I know how to overcome them.


You will benefit from my experience in a broad range of sectors such as medical technologies, software, engineering, solar, automotive, chemical and consumer goods industry, technical services and more. I will support you step-by-step from the first idea to the market-ready product or service innovation.

I have strong analytical and communication skills and  I am familiar with several technologies, tools and methods to ignite the spark of innovation and change.

I am passionate about technological innovation and I believe we are living in the most exciting period ever. Take the first step and get in contact! I am looking forward to contributing to your future success.

Let us innovate together!


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« Your guidance to the launching pad of your business within one month. »



« Create unique business success with innovation »

Our world transforms rapidly with strong effects on society, business and environment. Companies are challenged by changing customer realtions and business models ...


« Make organisations creative and innovative »

People usually have a lot of ideas. In companies they often struggle to come up with their ideas while serving the customers, solving daily occuring problems or pursuing ...


« Turn imagination into new products and services »

Now is the time to discover new opportunities for your company from recent trends and developments in our changing world. You will gain benefit from latest information, ...

Connect and Recommend

Connect and Recommend is a network consisting of self-employed and entrepreneurs.

Connect and Innovate

Connect and Innovate is a network for innovative people with new ideas and visions. A major subject is the development of innovations in the medical devices sector.


This innovative software-product establishes clusters and associations to network within their organisations. It also enables cooperation and allows new ties.


Please get in contact in order to receive further information about latest trends, recent innovations, projects and initiatives.

References are available upon request.

Database of Ideas

This tool provides new ideas to companies that are struggeling with innovation and creativity.

Innovation Methods

The purpose of this project is to supply companies with new methods of innovation in a rapidly changing world of digitisation and globalisation.

Software Applications

Development of software applications to solve certain problems in health care and medical technology in particular.

One of my favourite questions

« What does it take to create a start-up from scratch in Switzerland

that is as successful as the well-known Silicon Valley giants

Apple, Facebook or Google? »

What do you think?



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